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Brand Navigations

Branding matters for brick & mortar businesses, especially when your client’s journey is largely self-guided. 

For Bluebird Self Storage, the challenge was to deliver a branded experience that provided wayfinding guidance for their 3-story, 22,000SF facility in Greenfield, NH—which also functions as the company’s new corporate headquarters. 

project details

Client: Bluebird Storage
Task: Facility-wide Branding

Execution: Brand Management, Wayfinding

“We’re more than just your average self-storage brand,” says Jeff Doyle, Sales and Marketing Manager. “It’s not an anonymous building; you’re with us, and we take that very seriously.”


  • Consistent branding from the lobby to the corporate offices and into the storage spaces

  • Branded wayfinding guidance throughout the facility, including loading bays, unit blocks, corridors, and stairwells

  • Interior branding for the 2nd floor corporate headquarters, which features a floor of office suites, three conference rooms, and a full gym



Sporting a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, the sun-soaked lobby is trimmed with a cut-letter 3mm PVC logo mounted directly on the wall above the reception desk.



To support the lobby’s retail supply section, Northeast Color added brand accents to the slat wall display with direct print graphics.


Storage Unit Decals

Within the storage facility itself, Northeast Color devised a system of corner-bent wayfinding decals that orient the visitor in the maze of storage units.


Bay Branding

A balance of form and function, stylized wayfinding signage turns otherwise blank spaces into branded landmarks that ground and direct the client experience.


Corporate Lobby & Conference Rooms

Bluebird’s 2nd floor corporate reception area was outfitted with an ACM Logo, complemented by a 2’ x 4’ word cloud, direct printed on a ¼” acrylic panel.


Locker Rooms

In keeping with the brushed aluminum theme, Northeast Color created a series of unique direct print ACM panels for both the conference and locker rooms.


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