At Northeast Color, our work extends beyond the point of sale.

We believe in growth and development—not only for our business and the bottom line, but of ourselves and each other.  Every new hire we welcome to fold represents an opportunity to expand our knowledge and refine our skillset with a perspective informed by experience and driven by a passion for excellence. 

Most of one’s adult life isn’t spent with immediate family and friends—it’s spent with co-workers. 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. Together we can make those 40 hours a week count for more than a job, more than a paycheck. Together, we can help bring out the best in each other—clients and colleagues alike.


  • Paid Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Paid Short Term & Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Annual 401k Contribution
  • Paid Holidays
  • Profit Sharing
  • Paid Time Off

Hiring Process

  1. Submit a Resume
    A real human reads your resume and will ask if you truly are multilingual or if you merely passed high school Spanish. Be prepared.
  2. Schedule a Phone Interview
    You don’t need to dress up, but it might help.
  3. In Person Interview
    Definitely dress up for this (tuxes and ball gowns optional).
  4. 2nd In Person Interview
    The Final Round: our President joins the interview and we move through some follow up questions. Be prepared.
  5. The Offer
    An invitation to join our team, backed by a fair level of compensation.

Department Overviews

Sales & Customer Service

Our team of Account Managers work to win the business every day. These are our Gardeners, dedicated to processing orders, managing projects, and maintaining our gold standard customer care.

Business Development

As Hunters, the Business Development team works to qualify, close, and onboard new franchise and multi-unit clients. This team explores solutions and develops strategic plans to solidify new relationships and deliver value to the client.

Information Technology

Indispensable problem solvers whose skill and expertise is matched only by their patience to deal with the rest of us.

Shipping & Receiving

Time-sensitive? Mission Critical? This crack squad helps balance interdepartmental demands to ensure that every client is taken care of.


Truly the ace up our sleeve, the Creative Department’s capabilities run the gamut from layout and design, to 3D animation, film production and product development.

Finance & Admin

Keen-eyed number crunchers who melt at the sight of a spreadsheet working alongside a stellar bunch of warm-hearted people-pleasers. 


Equal parts science and art, our Production team is responsible for every product or solution we create. Beyond the revenue, their work really adds up.


The Franchise Industry—and our business—is all about relationships. More than press releases and sell sheets, we tell our story through our work and our clients.