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balancing act

At Northeast Color we specialize in “Value Engineering.” 

(Which is a fancy way to say that we use our expertise to save our clients time, money, and hassle.)

Case in Point: Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers

In 2018 the growing wellness franchise completed a comprehensive brand refresh, which included new logos, brand colors, and a streamlined approach to their franchise interiors. But translating those great ideas into affordable, value-driven decor presented another set of challenges.

project details

Client: Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers
Task: Product Development, Interior Signage, Installation 

Execution: Revised Product Configuration, Reduced Material and Logistics Costs


Though stunning, Fyzical’s initial signage suite was both costly to ship and difficult to install.


While maintaining the integrity of the design intent, Northeast Color reinterpreted the signage suite to lower both material and shipping costs and simplify the installation process. 

In short, we literally made it better.

Size Matters

¾” reductions of select assets produced savings not only in material costs, but in shipping weights as well.


The Right Tools

Our cutting-edge equipment allowed us to direct print key assets, resulting in faster production turnarounds with consistent, high grade outputs.



To reduce production costs while maintaining the asset’s dimensional pop, we adapted Fyzical’s high density foam reception sign to a slimmed down, routed 24mm PVC, which mounted directly to the wall.


Public Profile

Helping our client switch from costly edge-painting on the reception sign to a substrate with a white profile resulted in significant savings.



Let’s work together

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