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case study

Catch the Eye

When franchise veteran Fred Morache decided to fuse his mail service store Postal Connections with a burgeoning e-commerce concept I Sold It on eBay, he knew he’d have some in-store marketing challenges ahead of him.

“Because many of our customers aren’t familiar with all of our services—let alone the I Sold It model—you have to communicate everything at a glance,” says Fred. 

Postal Connections’ array of services presented a suggestive-selling challenge, as many customer visits consist solely of a package drop-off, which requires little to no verbal interaction. 

project details

Client: Postal Connections/I Sold It
Task: Brand Modernization – Customer Experience – Digital Signage Menu Boards
Execution: Content Creation, Strategy & Management, Hardware Solutions, Installation

“We’re a high touch, high tech brand and that should be reflected in our client’s experience,”  says Fred. And that’s where Northeast Color’s digital signage solution came into play.”


  • Modernized interiors that underline each location’s services.

  • Dynamic, eye-catching menu board system that can be customized per location.

  • A balanced brand integration that creates cross-selling opportunities.


Digital Screens

To capture attention and increase engagement, Northeast Color devised a three monitor digital menu board strategy that integrated the two brands by weaving together their respective services and seasonal promotions.

The 1st and 2nd menu screens feature a tailored list of the services available at a given store, with customized brand partner logos and limited time offers. The 3rd menu screen is dedicated to promotional messaging, which is customized by location and scheduled according to the brand’s national marketing calendar.

Reverse Glow Logo

Each location also needed a static signage brush-up. To celebrate the merger of the two brands, Northeast Color created a stunning reverse glow logo that’s available in three different sizes.


Service Icons

Redesigned service icons present a modern, streamlined overview of each location’s capabilities.


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