value engineering

Meaningful Makeovers

Just because something isn’t “broke” doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

To ensure a premium brand experience at the right price, we work with our clients to tune up their existing signage and decor packages with an eye toward lowering material and shipping costs and simplifying the installation process.

Concept → Execution


We love cutting costs, but that’s only a part of truly adding value.

Because every product we create represents both a brand and a business partnership, we look beyond the initial sale to the entire lifecycle of a product.

To our keep heads in the long game, we ask ourselves uncomfortable (and sometimes paranoid) questions:

  • How will the product hold up over time?
  • Can it withstand the wear and tear of your business?
  • Will it be affordable to ship? Easy to install?

And, most importantly, does it pop?

The value of any signage solution comes down to serving the brand as a whole. 

From planning sessions with franchisors to onsite installation, we work to maintain brand integrity with the needs of every stakeholder in mind.


We take the time to study your brand and how it communicates through every piece of collateral in your location.

Beginning with the end in mind, we work to build a bridge to the final product with a series of questions:

  • What effect are you looking to create? 
  • What are the core elements of your brand and how are they reaching your clients? 
  • How do these elements contribute to the brand experience?

Responsive Revisions

Don’t reinvent the wheel; just work toward a smoother ride.

At Northeast Color we believe in evolving your brand’s interior with field-tested best practices. 

We leverage our experience across a variety of different industries to create solutions that are as innovative as they are elegant. A solution we developed for another client in a radically different business vertical may hold the key to bringing your beloved brand icon to life—for less.

Sometimes it’s as simple as switching materials or direct printing onto a given substrate.

Other times we completely re-imagine an expensive, cumbersome element into a sleek, lightweight solution that delivers twice the “wow” at half the cost.

Ready to level up your brand?

  • What Northeast Color did for Primo Hoagies was over the top! I am so pleased with all they made for us, the signs were fantastic.

    Rocco Fiorentino Primo Hoagies

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